Bedouin Tents Manufacturer in South Africa

Euro Tents is a long time manufacturer of Bedouin Tents based in South Africa. Bedouin Tents for sale. We are Manufacturers of Bedouin Tents in South Africa. We supply Tents for Function, Event, Private party & wedding.


Bedouin Tents for Sale Durban South Africa

Bedouin tents (commonly known as stretch tents) are designed to wow your guests at any event. Be it outdoor or indoor our Bedouin tents will create an atmosphere and hype around them. We can custom make them for you in various different colors and even add your branded logo on it. They are inclusive of all rigging equipment and installation depending on where you are based. The impressive thing about this type of tent is that it may not look waterproof however it is just as high in quality as all other tents that we manufacture. Euro Tents manufacture and export Bedouin tents in countries such as: South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, Swaziland, Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Nigeria & Lesotho.


Size 5m x 10m 7m x 12m 10m x 10m 9m x 15m 9m x 18m 9m x 21m
Seating Capacity 100 150 200 250 300 370
Size 10m x 20m 9m x 24m 9m x 30m 12m x 30m 15m x 30m 15m x 33m
Seating Capacity 400 430 550 700 900 1000
Bedouin marquees are suitable for many different occasions including family celebrations, corporate functions or storage tents.
Here are just a few ideas as to how you can get the most out of your tent:
  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Events
  • Shows
  • Sporting events
  • Arenas
  • Storage


Bedouin marquee tents are radically innovated in the world wide tent and manufacturing industry.  You cannot underestimate the beauty of these structures and the buzz and excitement they create every time they are used. They will ensure that your event will remain long in the memory of everybody who attended. In terms of function they are extremely adaptive and offer practical solutions to problems regarding awkward terrain, logistics and complicated specifications.


Our tents are manufactured using specially developed high tensile multi filament yarns.  This combined with the most advanced manufacturing technologies available ensure super strong structures with burst points of over two tons.
Bedouin material is a unique 100% waterproof fabric.
Transformation and re-invention of a space is spectacular with large Bedouin tents which can have sides up or down creating different atmospheres for different types of events.


Our tents range from 5m x 10m through to 15m x 33m.
We also custom make any size to your specific requirements.
All our tents are designed to be able to join our structures together.


Tents can be beautifully branded with any logo you require.


Our Bedouin tents can withstand an approximate wind speed of 100 KM/H


In the event of poor weather, sides can be added and can be pulled down to the ground. Interior side panels are attached along the perimeter, to further act as draft inhibitors. Entrances are therefore minimized and heaters can be strategically placed to ensure that any air that does enter the tent is heated. This technique has proved very effective and will create a warm and cozy atmosphere.