Alpine Marquee Tents Manufacturer Durban South Africa

Alpine Marquee Tents for Sale. We are Marquees Tents Manufacturers in Durban South Africa. Buy for Functions, Events, Party & weddings. We supply alpine marquee tents for sale in South Africa , Nigeria, Lesotho, Mozambique, Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Swaziland & Namibia.

Alpine Marquee Tents for Sale

Alpine Marquee Tents are one of our most popular choices of tents by our customers.  They are versatile, easy to erect, clean and dismantle.  The design of our Alpine Marquee Tents enables the minimizing of roof movement and provides optimal stability so that it can withstand extreme weather conditions. Our Alpine Marquee Tents can be used for a number of occasions such as: festivals, exhibitions, events, weddings, places of worship, restaurant extensions or for event hiring businesses. Alpine marquee Tents range from 20m x 20m up to 30m x 50m and can be customized to suit specific customer requirements.  Our high quality PVC come in a variety of colours and can be branded with the logo of your choice. Euro tent is the leading manufacturer, supplier and distributor in alpine tents and many more. Our alpine tents are one of our best sellers. Our tents are manufactured from heavy-duty fabric which insures your protection. The luxurious look of these tents are derived from the look of the fabric and the manner in which it is erected. Alpine tents are usually used for prestigious and important events like weddings, exhibitions and corporate events. The use of quality finished fabric also helps in enhancing the feel of the events that are conducted under its luxurious surroundings. Furthermore, its innovative placed windows and other open spaces allow easy flowing of natural warm light, adding a distinctive glow to the evening gatherings. These tents were manufactured to cater for a variety of customers with different needs. They are sturdy, well-built structures that are built to last a long time. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, alpine tents can be easily erected and removed. Our tents are available to be customised to the size of your choice or you can choose from our standard sizes that start at 20m x 20m.

Specifications :

Size 20m x 20m 20m x 25m 20m x 25m 20m x 40m 20m x 50m
Main Pole Height 9m 9m 10m 10m 10m
Side Pole Height 2m 2m 2m 2m 2m
Total no of poles 3 3 3 3 4
Seating Capacity 800 Seater 1000 Seater 1200 Seater 1600 Seater 2000 Seater
Size 20m x 60m 30m x 50m 30m x 70m 30m x 100m
Main Pole Height 10m 15m 15m 15m
Side Pole Height 2m 2.5m 2.5m 2.5m
Total no of poles 4 6 8 10
Seating Capacity 2400 Seater 3000 Seater 4200 Seater 6000 Seater
The Alpine Marquee is available in our standard sizse: 20m, 25m, 30m, 40m up to 100m widths in any length continuous in 3.0m bays
Here are just a few ideas as to how you can get the most out of your tent:
  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Events
  • Shows
  • Sporting events
  • Arenas
  • Church Function



Alpine tents create beautiful venues using high quality marquees, ranging from wedding receptions and garden parties to summer balls and corporate events, we have a range of clear span marquees and accessories to create the perfect event.
• Aesthetically designed luxury tents • Wonderful variation of style and practicality • Most demanded tents for wedding ceremonies due to its splendid designs • Elegant medium sized finish • Completely waterproof and tough finish • Provides adequate shelter and can also be easily installed • Also made available with wall hanging lamps attached to poles  


The marquees are made from rigid aluminium or steel frames clad in white or clear span PVC.  Our tents are made by advanced technology.


Our alpine marquee tents range from 20m x 20m through to 20m x 60m. Standard lengths can be extended by 5m.
We also custom make to any size/ to your specific requirements.


Tents can be beautifully branded with any logo you require.


We offer a range of colours with UV protection, anti-microbial, mosquito & water repellent materials.


All our tents can take up to, an approximate maximum, windspeed of 100 KM/H


They can be fixed to grass, gravel or any hard surface and are designed to withstand the most inclement of weather.


Decoration lining, light, ABS solid wall, ground anchors ,PVC-clear for sidewalls, wooden floor, glass door, rain gutters ,portable toilets, gas stoves, chairs, tables, table cloths, chair covers, windows.


Professionally packaged for protection and easy transportation.


Recyclable and long lasting.
Easy set up and dismantling, convenient stock and transport.
Alpine clear span tents can be applied as exhibition tents, marquees, big party tents, wedding tents, corporate event tents, warehouse tents, garden tents, industrial tents, trade show tents, commercial tents, carport tents, military and relief tents, high peak mixed tents etc.